As of December 31, 2019, Jawger Inc. has closed operations.
We appreciate everyone's support to bring privacy awareness and importance to our online activities.
Privately share personal life experiences one moment at a time
Privately share personal life experiences one moment at a time





Welcome to Jawger!
A privacy-first social network offering families and friends a place to share their personal life experiences.

Jawger Stories

Share With Personality

Media-rich story editing & privacy sharing features promote authentic communication.

Post text with inline photos, videos & audio messages to give depth and personality to all your communications.

Capture stories as they occur, save drafts until they are ready to share, and improve them later on a computer.

Thinking of someone or something right now? Capture your thoughts with video, audio, or as a message and set to publish at a future date.

Jawger JoinINs

Collaborate Together

Participate together to crowd-source experiences into living collections as they occur.

Ideal for a theme or event to collaboratively collect experiences & perspectives from everyone invited.

Or, schedule a JoinIN for a special someone to publish at a future date to deliver a heartfelt gift from friends and family.

JoinIN conversations never end...stories are posted before, during & after...keeping communication alive. Even those far away get to participate, gaining a true sense of inclusion and completeness.

Jawger People

Family and Friends Matter

Social networks keep us updated with those who are important in our lives, family and friends. But, we don't interact and share everything with everyone. Each relationship is unique and special...and deserves to be treated with importance.

Connect with anyone (family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc) while easily sharing only stories and personal details relevant to each.

You'll wonder how you ever communicated on social media before!

Jawger Family

Every Family Member Counts

Include your children safely! Children are increasingly exposed to technology from an early age. Most social networks are not safe nor appropriate for our children.

Parental controls put you in control to manage your child's online safety, privacy, identity & interactions. You can introduce children to social media in a safe learning environment; letting them participate and capture their experiences through their own eyes.

Expecting parents can begin their child's social profile by capturing pregnancy and infant experiences that are connected to their child for enjoyment later in life.


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